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#GrowTheTeam in February and Beyond


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Grow The Team With Feedback For Both Ends Of The Leash!

Do you ever feel lost when training on your own? Do you need help solving problems or creating training drills? Are you trying to learn new skills for you and your dog? Are you ready to take things to the next level?

Both ends of the leash need feedback in order to grow and become an amazing team! And for the entire month of February, you can win auditing spots in any of our classes! Or, use the auditing tuition you've won to bump up to a working spot!

Simply share the link to the class your are interested in on Facebook or Twitter - along with one of the ‪#‎Grow hashtags! You can use one of our #Grow hashtags or make up your own! Be sure to tag ‪#‎AgilityU too, so we can see it. You can enter as many times as you like, winners will be announced each week!

We have a variety of courses currently available and coming soon. See them all on our Current Courses page. Here is what is coming up:

* Handling At A Distance with Amanda Nelson! 

* Total Team: Conditioning for Jumping with Chris Ott and Frankie Joiris!

* The Next Step: Short Sets for Success with Stacy Goudy 

* Learn Your Dog CAMP: Course Analysis for Maximum Performance with Tracy Sklenar!

* Total Team: Tricks for All Seasons with Chris Ott and Frankie Joiris!

* Face the Fear with Bobbie Bhambree! 

Want to learn a great skill in a short time? Check out our 2 Week Techniques classes!

The Rear Cross

The Blind Cross

Motivated Starts

2o/2o Proofing for Contacts

Check out our other Current Courses for the

entire winter line up!