Total Team Performance Puppy Journal

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Faculty: Frankie Joiris and Chris Ott

A weekly video journal, along with thought provoking essays and forum for discussion and questions, will chronicle how we at Speedoggie raise our puppies from birth through adulthood. Follow along, week by week, with our current litter of four, and see exactly how we go about creating top performers from the ground up.

Whether you're about to add a new puppy to your family, considering breeding a litter, or wanting to improve your training program for your current dogs, regardless of age, this program will give you an insight as to how top performing dogs are created.

Frankie Joiris and Chris Ott have over 70 years combined dog training and competition experience with multiple National and Internationally successful dogs, as well as coaching hundreds of teams to reach their goals however large or small. Both of us studied and worked with breeders, handlers and veterinarians for many years before embarking on our own breeding program. 14 years ago the first litter of Speedoggie Border Collies was born, and we have been perfecting the art of raising top notch performers ever since. The 31 Speedoggie pups who have reached competition age have a total of 30 MACH titles as well as numerous National and International successes, with much more to come as the younger generation truly hits its stride. We pride ourselves on creating dogs who are as successful for first time competition dog owners as for experienced professionals.

Our program is based on scientific research as well as our own experience and can benefit anyone who is interested in achieving their goals in agility (or any other dog performance event). Even if you have no intention of ever raising a litter and your current dogs are all adults, material from this journal will help you fine tune your training program, gain new insight into the “why” and “how” of training, and improve your relationship with your dog.