Mental Resilience For Agility Dogs - Part 2

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Faculty: Bobbie Bhambree

The next steps in building mental resilience in the agility ring to bring out the best in your teams!

This is the second level of building mental resilience in your agility dog. The focus of this course is to build upon the skills you have developed and games you have played in Building Mental Resilience in the Agility Dog – Part 1. Mental resilience takes time to develop; every dog is different when it comes to how long it takes and what it necessary to support the dog. Mental resilience is a combination of impulse control, confidence, the ability to recover from failure, and the desire to try again—all of which we will explore and continue develop in this course.

There are many reasons why a dog might be able to perform in one context and not another. In this course, we will discover the gaps in your dog’s understanding and by way of training and behavior modification, fill them. These gaps could be a result of training plans that skipped steps that your dog needs, environmental stressors, lack of impulse control, or even fear. By examining your dog’s performance and discussing how you have trained with your dog thus far, we will be able to create a plan specific to your team’s needs. You will play games and practice exercises that will bring your dog’s focus back to you while building enthusiasm and drive, regardless of venue or level of show.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to respond to your dog’s feedback in the moment to keep him working with you
  • Learn how to better manage your dog to minimize mental fatiguing
  • Continue to build focus and connection in your dog, even when things go wrong on course
  • Further build impulse control in your dog, even in the face of stressors and distractions
  • Further expand the toolbox of exercises to support you in decreasing your dog’s anxiety
  • Further build confidence in your dog for the bigger shows

(Note: this course is designed to for dogs who are trialing, getting ready to trial, who have taken my Face the Fear! course(s), have taken Building Mental Resilience for the Agility Dog – Part 2 or who have done some behavior work to address stress and anxiety.)