Feet Forward Handling Strategies: Anything From Anywhere

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Faculty: Tracy Sklenar

Get ready to attack the course with more connection and better lines than ever! This highly individualized course serves as a follow-up to seminars and online classes with Tracy Sklenar so you can keep applying the Feet Forward Handling Strategies to create your best runs ever!

The emphasis for this installment of Feet Forward is to be able to handle anything from anywhere: any turn or line from anywhere on course! In this session, we will focus on real world situations: how to tackle the challenges we see on course and be able to master them no matter where we are in relation to the dog.

You do not need to have participated in Feet Forward courses to join us - you can start here!

We will be continuing our focus on teamwork, connection and choosing the best handling paths while also expanding your ‘tool box’ of handling techniques.  We will also continue to work on training the dogs to be able to understand and execute a variety of skills at top speed. Each week will feature a training package that includes:

  • A Handling set up that includes 3 or 4 handling drills
  • Extreme Foundation game that can be done on one jump or on the flat
  • Dog Training Game to continue to build understanding of the job and passion for the game

This class is open to dogs and handlers at all levels who want to continue working on bringing out the best in their partnership with their dogs. Ideally, the handlers have already worked with Tracy in person or online within the last 18 months, but newcomers are also welcome.

This class features:

  • Downloadable written instructions and FAQs for each game
  • Video explanations
  • Video demos
  • Pre-Games to be ready for when class starts