Ring Skills For Trial Success: High Arousal

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Faculty: Tracy Sklenar

Calling all teams that are struggling with high arousal in the ring! Are you getting ready to start trialing with your young dog? Is your current agility dog having trouble controlling his arousal in the trial setting? Does your dog get "too high" or "over-aroused" when stimulated in training or competition? Or maybe he is perfect in training but the competition environment shoots him to the moon! Tracy Sklenar is experienced in teaching high arousal dogs how to be thoughtful and successful, even in the most high arousal environments!

Success in the trial ring requires more than just handling skills. Learn how to help your dog get into the right state of mind to run at his best, in any sport! We will work on the skills he will need before, during and after his run in order to teach him to control his arousal and bring out his brilliance.

Trial success requires your dog to understand much more than just how to do the obstacles or read the handling. Your dog will need to learn how to deal with the stimulation and distractions that create high arousal, both in training and trialing! High arousal behaviors can include inability to respond to simple cues, spinning, barking, breaking stays, blasting by weaves, frothing, leaping off contacts, running around jumps, herding/nipping the handler, lunging, and so on.

Join Tracy Sklenar to:

  • Look at each step of training and trialing for your dog, from puppyhood to outside the ring all the way through to the end of the run
  • Develop a plan for the individual needs of your dog
  • Implement the plan with a series of motivational training games
  • Learn to transfer the training to trialing
  • Follow up by reviewing trial experiences
  • And more to help you and your dog work together as a team from start to finish!