Dream Weaves - 2 x 2 Training Around The Clock! (Fall 2018)

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Faculty: Barb Levenson

Here’s a 2 x 2 Weave Workshop everyone can use – from Novice to Masters— your first dog or your tenth! This program is totally designed for your success. And you’ll learn how any dog of any breed can have Dream Weaves!

In Dream Weaves, you will get the skills and techniques to teach your dog to weave independently and find weave entries from ANYWHERE! Never babysit weave poles again. This program is structured and easy to follow. Everything will be laid out for you, including troubleshooting the “bumps in the road” are and how to navigate them.

  1. A six –week program suitable for ANY breed of dog
  2. Teach your dog to go from two to six straight up poles in six weeks
  3. Teach your dog to weave no matter WHERE you are on the course
  4. Understand techniques for troubleshooting your weaves
  5. Developing the whys and wherefores of good record keeping to achieve success.
  6. Improve your bond with you dog.
  7. High reinforcement value attached to weaving so your dog will have fun!!!  
  8. Suitable for 1-year old dogs at the novice level and above. 
  9. Weaving approximations are broken down in the event you have to go back and retrain something.
  10. Well-structured method even for those with their first agility dog.