Teeter Transformed: Conquering the Seesaw with Small Dogs (Fall 2018)

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Faculty: Bobbie Bhambree

Small dog, big teeter? No problem! Join Bobbie to build confidence and understanding for a reliable and enthusiastic teeter performance. Take a peek on what your dog will learn to do:

This course is designed for those teams who are at the beginning stages of training the teeter or are in need of retraining. The focus is on small dogs, but these techniques can be used for any dog, especially those whose teeter criteria is driving across the board to the end with all four feet in the yellow.

There are many components to training the teeter, including motion, noise, height, tipping point, and end behavior. The dog will often exhibit worry or fear when it comes to the teeter, often leading to avoidance, creeping, or fly-offs. Learning the teeter is a ‘building-block’ process that has to happen at the dog’s pace.

In this course, we are going to break down each component using various games that can also be customized to the individual’s dog’s needs. Some of the games are familiar games tweaked for small dogs, while others are games I created or added along the way that are specific to having a small dog.