Thread the Needle Part 2: Amazing Threadles and Discriminations

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Faculty: Jordan Biggs

Here are the next steps in your threadle training! Learn how to apply your threadle skills and add on discrimination work as well. Your course syllabus includes:

  • Adding more challenges to threadles
  • Focusing on proofing understanding for threadles and verbals
  • Progressive foundation skills and training for bypasses, discriminations and verbals

Jordan is ready to take your threadle skills to the next level! And she will also teach you how to master discriminations - as well as differentiate threadles from discriminations. Which cue should be used, and where? Get ready for a great class that will build on your skills and apply them to sequencing.

This class features:

  • Downloadable written instructions for each game and sequence
  • Video explanations
  • Video demos
  • Pre-Games to be ready for when class starts