Maximum Performance: Warm Up And Cool Down for Agility Dogs (Spring 2019)

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Faculty: Kim Fuqua

Now is the time to learn how to properly warm up and cool down your dog! Kim Fuqua will help you develop a routine, answer your questions and plan your dog’s day at trials and in training to keep him running at his peak.

We’ve all been told at some point we should properly warm-up and cool-down our dogs. But that might create more questions:

What does proper stress-free warm-up look like that ensures our canines are ready to give their best while reducing the risks of injuries? What are the consequences for rushing into an agility class or competition straight from the car and/or crate? How do we compensate if we’re the first on the line? What if we are the last dog at a seminar and the instructor wants to talk about the course? What do we do if we have multiple dogs running in the same class at the same jump height? How do we warm up and cool down all those dogs? How do we prepare for variations in space, footing, and time at a trial? How do you ensure your puppy is off to a great start with warm-ups? And most importantly, HOW do we warm up our dogs safely and thoroughly?

This class will address that and so much more!!!

We hear all around us the hints and tricks of how we should be warming up and cooling down our dogs. A large aspect of performance is based on how our canine partner feels physically. Having something as simple as a repeatable “general warm-up” allows up to establish a baseline so that we can readily see when something is not right. A proper warm-up program will optimize range of motion, increase muscle contractions, and increase blood flow to the muscles reducing stiffness while building mental engagement prior to our runs. As a competitor, a certified massage therapist and a FITPAWS master certified fitness trainer, Kim will discuss:

  • The importance, benefits and training fun of designing a plan
  • Tailored program design for warm up and cool down
  • Time management when working with multiple dogs and/or on a tight timeline
  • Taking your tailored program from your home to the trial site
  • And much, much more!!!