MaxPup Module 3: Contacts 101: How To Train Incredible Stopped Contacts From The Ground Up

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Faculty: Tracy Sklenar

This class will teach you to train fast, reliable, and independent stopped contacts on the dog walk, a-frame and seesaw! This is also a terrific opportunity for anyone wanting to re-train their contacts and build a better foundation!

Contacts 101 focuses on building an amazing foundation of understanding and passion for the a-frame, dog walk and seesaw! We will use a series of motivational games to teach the layers of understanding, then putting it all together into a fast, independent and reliable “finished product”. This includes a 2o2o on the a-frame and dog walk, and a 2o2o on the teeter for large dogs and a 4-on teeter performance for small dogs.

You will learn to set and maintain criteria, play proofing games, build drive for the behavior and teach body awareness that is important to help the dog drive to position on the contact. The class will also provide opportunity for personalized feedback, troubleshooting and problem solving. You will be able to watch demo videos of the instructor’s dogs as well as get feedback on your work with your own dog through video and forum discussions.