Front Cross, Rear Cross, Blind Cross - ALL the Crosses - Part 1: The Front Cross

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Faculty: Kim Fuqua

Have you ever been told that you’re late when doing a cross? Are you and your dog good at one type of cross, but struggle with another? Does your dog blow by you in a front cross, spin after a rear cross or do you struggle to reconnect on a blind cross? Are you still confused about what a front cross, rear cross or blind cross is and when to use them? If you want to teach your young dog the proper foundation for all the crosses and you want to perfect your timing and mechanics when doing crosses, then this class is for you!!! Kim Fuqua is experienced in teaching new handlers and young dogs the foundation work for all the crosses!

In Part 1, join Kim Fuqua to focus on the specifics of the Front Cross!

There’s so much to learn in agility! When we start sequencing and adding speed, not having a great foundation for things like crosses can make things even more challenging. In order to create a confident dog that understands where we want them to go on course, we have to be clear with our handling cues. Being late or untimely can cause our dogs to knock bars, pull off jumps, go off course or worst case, get injured because they got the cue late and are trying to make it all happen. Being timely and giving clear, precise cues will create confidence and maximize teamwork!

This is a three-part series that will be 4 weeks each. Part 1 will be front crosses, part 2 will be rear crosses and part 3 will be blind crosses. PLUS, there will be bonus drills! Creating a confident dog on course that understands commitment, cues and connection based on the information that the handler is giving them ensures maximum teamwork! When the handler understands the mechanics of crosses, how to do them, and when to use them, the handler can walk a course confidently and execute the best possible handling plan. It is a good feeling to walk on course and know that you have all the tools to execute a front, rear and/or a blind cross when needed.

Join Kim Fuqua to:

  • Break down the foundation for each cross so that your dog fully understands the handler’s cues
  • Work on the mechanics for each cross away from the agility field and sometimes away from the dog.
  • Implement what you and your dog have learned starting with short courses and building to longer sequences
  • Troubleshooting section for each lesson. We will determine if there are holes in training or handling that needs to be addressed.
  • We will put it all together so that you can learn when and where to execute your crosses.

And much more, all designed to help you and your dog work together as a team from start to finish!