Professor Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller catMelanie has been involved in dog agility since 1998, and has studied intensively with Wendy Pape, Silvia Trkman, Stuart Mah, and a host of other seminar presenters. She is always working to take her own understanding to the next level, most recently learning the OneMind Dogs methodology.

Melanie has a unique approach to her instruction, melding several key concepts:

  • High motivation for all dogs to maximize drive and potential
  • High reinforcement for all handlers to keep the game fun
  • Focus on delivering information as early as possible to the dog through timely handling and skill proficiency
  • A holistic view of all the components required, including a solid mental game, fitness of handler and dog, and keeping all elements in balance


Some of Melanie's career accomplishments include:

  • ​2009 European Open USA Team Member and Finalist (Smitten)
  • 2010 AKC Invitational 3rd in Finals (Austin)
  • 2011 European Open USA Team Member (Smitten)
  • 2014 World Agility Open USA Team Member (Integrity)
  • 2014 US Open 3rd Biathlon Jumping, 4th Overall Speedstakes (Integrity) ​
  • 2014 IFCS CCOA 26” Snooker GOLD, Gamblers SILVER (Integrity)
  • 7x National Finalist (Smitten and Austin)
  • 11x Regional Champion (Smitten and Integrity)
  • 3x USDAA LAA-Silver (Regan, Austin, and Smitten)
  • 20 Championship Titles (Regan, Austin, Smitten, and Integrity)


Professor Melanie Miller


Fire & Desire 2! (Returning Students)

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Registration Closed: January 19, 2017 @ 9 pm Eastern

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The Missing Link: Unlock Your Dog’s Full Potential (June 2016)

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Start Date: June 13, 2016
Registration Closed: June 27, 2016 @ 9 pm Eastern

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