Annette Alfonso

Annette AlfonsoAnnette started competing in Agility and Obedience in Puerto Rico in 1996 and eventually turned her passion for training into a profession. She is dedicated to broadening her own education by attending seminars with well-known and respected trainers across the country.

She moved to Miami, FL ten years ago and has since competed with her dogs at the national level at various agility venues, earning many honors and titles, including the AKC Companion Dog Excellent title, Master Agility Champion (three times), Flyball Dog Champion, USDAA Agility Dog Champion (twice) and Tournament Master-SilverShe also has qualified and competed with two dogs at the AKC Agility Nationals in 2005-2007, and with three dogs at the USDAA Nationals in 2006-2010. Most recently, Annette and her dogs Legend and Dealer competed for Team Puerto Rico at the World Agility Championships in England in May 2011.

When she is not competing, you can find Annette advocating for animal welfare and performing with her dogs for audiences everywhere.

Her amazing canine team includes six incredibly talented dogs, which not only perform and compete all around the country, but also have been in many advertising campaigns. From Ralph Lauren to JC Penney to the movie “Marley and Me”, the pack has been everywhere, including TV appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “The David Letterman Show”, “NBC’s Today Show” and the Spanish Soap Opera “Perro Amor”.

Through performances with her canine team, Annette hopes her students realize that every dog is special and possesses a unique talent, but that it is up to their owner to make them shine! In her opinion, training the perfect dog begins with a strong relationship and realistic training goals, depending on the dog’s individual talents. She believes that the better communicators the owners are the better able the dogs are to meet their expectations. Bottom-line, it doesn’t matter whether you are training the next world champion or your best canine companion, keeping it fun is always the most important rule. Annette currently trains agility in Miami and Davie, FL.

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Professor Annette Alfonso


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