Professor Chris Tucci

Chris Tucci cat Co-owner of Sun Coast Agility, Naples, Florida

Chris is a National and International Level Agility competitor and has represented the United States 4 times overseas at World Events. A natural athlete and (retired) semi-professional hockey player, Chris has been training and competing in agility since 2007. Having coached in the junior hockey leagues for more than 8 years, Chris prides himself in developing determination and skill in the junior athlete. Not unlike new agility teams and young dogs, Chris believes building confidence in his students is the key to having great success and trust in their teamwork.

Chris’ love of agility, dogs and teaching shows in his attention to each student and his ability to bring out his student’s best performances. With his easy-going nature, Chris teaches his students with patience and understanding and stresses the importance of great mechanics. Chris structures his teaching with clear, straightforward instruction that enable each student to learn at his/her own pace while pushing you to work outside of your comfort zone. He will not let his students get away with mediocre handling & mechanics. Chris teaches with positive reinforcement techniques utilizing a motion based handling system. Chris is able to adapt his training to tailor to individual student needs and physical abilities, which allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

Chris took to the performance sport of dog agility with an expertise in movement. Using the dog’s natural instincts, Chris maximizes his handling skills with clear handling cues that the dog easily understands. Chris credits his wife, Kris Seiter, for his vast accomplishments in the sport as his trainer, coach, mentor and agility partner for the last 9 years. “My success in agility is dedicated to Kris”.

Chris is a popular instructor and seminar presenter and gives seminars throughout the Unites States. He is a UKI & USDAA judge and frequently trains with the best agility trainers/handlers in the world.

Professor Chris Tucci


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