Professor Moe Strenfel

Moe Strenfel catMoe Strenfel is the owner of Momentum Dog Sports, offering dog agility training for the hobbyist to the serious-minded competitor. She currently has outreach teaching programs at Morgan Hill Dog Sports in San Martin, CA; fetch Sam! in San Jose, CA and ACE Dog Sports in San Francisco, CA. She has written for Clean Run Magazine and currently travels throughout North America teaching agility workshops and seminars. Moe coaches teams ranging from Rhodesian Ridgebacks to Shebu Inus to Airedales to all Americans.

Moe studied traditional dog training philosophies before being introduced to operant conditioning (OC) at a 1994 Karen Pryor seminar. In 1998, she fully embraced OC training through a series of operant conditioning workshops working with chickens from Bob and Marian Bailey. Moe has continued to develop her knowledge of training techniques and agility handling skills from experts like Justine Davenport, Jessica Patterson, Silvia Trkman, Susan Garrett, One Mind Dogs, Lori Michaels, Greg and Laura Derrett, Susan Salo, Nancy Gyes and Jim Basic.
Prior to becoming an instructor, Moe had been practicing agility with her own dogs for over 18 years. She has put the highest AKC and USDAA titles on four different breeds: Boxer, Border Collie, Mini Aussie and Whippet. She has competed for many years at nationals in USDAA, AKC and UKI. She was a member of the gold medal winning WAO Team USA that competed in Belgium in May 2012. Her dogs, KitKat and Kyna placed first and third respectively at the 2013 USDAA Western Regional Steeplechase Finals. USDAA Cynosport 2014 found Moe in the Performance Grand Prix Finals, Versatility Team Relay (finals), winning Performance Gamblers and placing second in Performance Master Challenge Jumpers.
Her own training philosophy emphasizes monitoring continual feedback from the dog’s behavior, essential analysis, play and continuous teamwork. She can empathize with the handler who is not always physically capable to “run” but coach’s teams to build distance and verbal skills early in their partnership to provide the same success as “younger” teams. She can help handlers learn to strategize critical handling points on course and then use effective training to maximize the dog’s individual effort which then allows the handler to meet the four legged team member at those critical handling points. She has an excellent eye for details and the ability to break behavior down into simple training exercises. She has experience with many different handling systems including Greg Derrett, Awesome Paws (Linda Mecklenburg), One Mind Dogs (OMD) and Justine Davenport (Silvia Trkman).