Professor Kara Karsten

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Kara Karsten is fanatical about processes, process improvement, project planning and execution. She believes in always having something to work towards and a plan to get there. Her planning and analytical skills were honed during a 20 year first career as a computer programmer and software project manager. Desiring a second career working with numbers, she got a Masters Degree in Accounting in 2012 and passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam on the first try. She has been working for 5 years as a corporate accountant and derives most of her satisfaction from “head-on-fire” days where she can take a set of financial books and clean them up, or dig into broken processes and fix them.

She has always been schedule driven, sitting down every Sunday night in college and hand-writing her schedule for the week. She took this to the next level, creating study plans to keep herself motivated and on track while preparing for the CPA exams. Not being a very skilled or motivated dog trainer, she uses the same methods to create training plans for herself as well as the rehabilitation plan for her Lab Xander, who tore his ACL before even getting to his agility debut. Kaizen (Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement) is her favorite word, and one of the reasons she loves agility is that it is the perfect playground for Kaizen. Blessed with a very gifted canine athlete, she has to work hard to be worthy.

Her friends are amazed that she can make major interstate moves look so effortless, while she thinks planning and juggling all the details is great fun. She also loves teaching and helping others find better ways to do things, so she is thrilled to have found a way to contribute to the agility world, sharing her methods which help keep things in perspective when the Q ratio is low by celebrating the satisfaction of meeting specific training goals in this very difficult sport.

Professor Kara Karsten


Make It Happen: Set Goals, Track Progress and Achieve Results!

Instructor: Kara Karsten
Start Date: June 26, 2017
Registration Closes: July 10, 2017 @ 9 pm Eastern

“Start with the Vision, Succeed with the Plan” - Dr. Larry...