Learn Your Dog September 17, 2012 Session 2

Improve your handling while you learn the exact information that your dog needs to get from you on course!

Faculty:Tracy Sklenar
Category: Handling, Motivation
Level: Starters/Novice, Open/Advanced, Masters/Excellent, International
Class Length: 7 weeks
New Session Begins: September 17, 2012

Number of Working Spots:12 (Tuition: $199)
Number of Auditing Spots: 35 (Tuition: $125)
Number of Observing Members: unlimited (Tuition: $89)
Auditors and Observers May Join for the Duration of the Course
Level of Access:

Course Description

Learn Your Dog :: Faculty: Tracy Sklenar

Improve your handling while you learn the exact information that your dog needs to get from you on course!
Are you interested in...

Cueing tighter turns? Getting faster course times? Preventing dropped bars? Clearing up on-course miscommunications? Having a more focused and driven dog? Expanding your handling tool kit? Getting more acceleration on course? Being on time with your handling, not too late or early? Making better decisions during your walk through? Stepping to the line with confidence in your handling plan?

Are you interested in:

  • see your dog's commitment point
  • cue extension and collection on course
  • handle with confidence and run with intent
  • time turning cues to get the information to your dog when he needs it
  • show lines and turns well in advance
  • get to great position on courase
  • use just the right amount of acceleration and deceleration
  • reduce the on-course miscommunication and errors that result in refusals, spins, loss of confidence, wrong courses, dropped bars, etc.
  • apply the tools in your handling tool kit to each course
  • make the right handling decisions for your dog!

This fun interactive course features faculty feedback and discussion on a series of short written assignments as well as videotaped sequences. There will be video "demos" as well as discussion, chat and office hours, all designed to help you "Learn Your Dog!"

Course Structure, Requirements & Equipment

Category: Handling, Motivation

Level:Starters/Novice, Open/Advanced, Masters/Excellent, International

Course Length:

7 weeks (information/classroom available in read-only mode for 6 months after completion of course)
Start Date: September 17, 2012

Course Structure:

  • Brief written assignments and progressive sequences to be videotaped for feedback.
  • Questions answered and feedback on each assignment from instructor in the class forum.
  • Discussion with other students (working and auditing) in the Class Forum as well as access to the general AU forums.
  • Access to Class Chat
  • Access to Faculty Office Hours

Equipment needed:

  • (working participants only): 8 jumps, 1 tunnel, video camera
  • Space required (working participants only): 60’x60’ minimum agility ring
  • Office Hours: Yes (days/times TBA)

Course Participation & Tuition Levels

Type of participation:

  • Working (posts responses to written assignments, posts videos of sequences, gets instructor feedback to all of these as well as answers to any questions posted, can actively participate in forum, chat and office hours) Limit: 12
  • Auditing (can view and read all videos/assignments/posts from instructor and working students, will get instructor answers to course-specific questions posted, can actively participate in class forum, chat and office hours). Limit: 25
  • Observing (has read-only and view-only access to the class forum, chat and office hours, cannot post or ask questions): Limit: Unlimited


  • Working: $199 USD
  • Auditing: $125 USD
  • Observing: $89 USD