2on 2off Contacts Back to Basics August 27, 2012 Session

Whether you are starting your young dog’s training or need to revisit your seasoned competitor’s contact behavior, going back to basics is always the best plan.

Faculty: Annette Alfonso
Category: Obstacle, Foundation
Level: Open To All
Class Length: 6 weeks
New Session Begins: August 27, 2012

Participante Limite/Working : 10 (Tuition: $175 USD)
Oyente Limite/Auditing: 15 (Tuition: $125 USD)
Observador Limite/Observing : Ilimitado/Unlimited (Tuition: $75 USD)
Level of Access:

Course Description

2on 2off Contacts...Back to Basics :: Faculty: Annette Alfonso

Whether you are starting your young dog’s training or need to revisit your seasoned competitor’s contact behavior, going back to basics is always the best plan. 

For this course you don’t even need to have equipment and it can all be done in the comfort of your living room!

There are multiple behaviors happening all at once when performing a contact obstacle. Some get trained unconsciously and gain unwanted value as we progress. We will address all of this and work through them so that your final contact performance is fast, reliable and independent. Having this foundation in your toolbox will be beneficial for the rest of your dog’s career.

With today’s technical courses it is an advantage to have a contact performance that you can trust as this will boost your confidence and allows you to be a more assertive handler!

Start your puppy off with a great foundation that will be fun to learn, or clean up and polish your already trained dog to be fast, consistent and stress free!!

Course Structure, Requirements & Equipment

Category: Obstacle Foundation

Level: Open to All

Course Length:

6 weeks (information/classroom available in read-only mode for 6 months after completion of course)
New Session Begins: August 27, 2012

Course Structure:

Estudiantes deberan enviar un mínimo de 2 videos por semana demonstrando la destreza que se ha discutido en clase esa semana. Todas la preguntas serán contestadas en el foro del salón de clase. Los estudiantes tendrán acceso a discusiones con otros estudiantes (participantes y oyentes) asi como los foros generales de AU. Acceso a chat en clase y al maestro durante horarios de facultad.

Students must submit at least 2 videos per week demonstrating the skill/step that is being taught that week. Instructor will provide feedback and answer questions for each assignment in the class forum. Participants (working and auditing) are given opportunity for discussion with other students in the class forum as well as access to the general AU forums, access to class chat and access to faculty office hours.

Fundamentos incluyen
Foundation includes

Como motivar al perro para mayor velocidad y enfoque
Motivation exercises for speed and focus

Ejercicios para asegurar que el perro entiende la posición y el comando para liberarlo
Exercises to proof position and release

Fundamentos para lograr que lo haga solo sin importar donde esta el manejador
Exercises to secure an independent performance

Como transferir los fundamentos al obstáculo final
How to transfer foundation skills to the actual obstacle

Como enseñar al perro a encontrar una manera segura de subir al obstáculo sin perder velocidad
How to teach approaches for safe and fast performances

Equipo necesario (participantes solamente):
Equipment needed (working participants only

  • Tabla de madera de 5' largo x 12” ancho
    5'x12” board Mouse pad, target

    Espacio Necesario: 10' x10'
    Space required (working participants only):10'x10'

Course Participation & Tuition Levels

Tipo de Participación:

  • Participante - Limite: 10 Podrá enviar videos, hacer preguntas y todas serán contestadas por el maestro asi como tener acceso a las preguntas de otros estudiantes y sus videos
    Working - Limit:10. Posts responses to written assignments, posts videos of sequences, gets instructor feedback to all of these as well as answers to any questions posted, can actively participate in forum, chat and office hours
  • Oyente - Limite: 15 Podrá ver los videos y leer las preguntas de los participantes y las contastaciones del maestro asi como hacer preguntas sobre los videos. Tendrá acceso al foro, chat y al maestro durante horarios de oficina

    Auditing - Limit: 15. Can view and read all videos/assignments/posts from instructor and working students, will get instructor answers to course-specific questions posted, can actively participate in class forum, chat and office hours
  • Observador - Limite : Ilimitado Podra leer y ver los videos de los participantes y las preguntas de los oyentes pero no pude hacer preguntas

    Observer -Limit: Unlimited. Has read-only and view-only access to the class forum, chat and office hours, cannot post or ask questions


  • Participante/Working: $175 USD
  • Oyente/Auditing: $125 USD
  • Observador/Observing: $ 75 USD