Amazing A-Frames

Max Pup 2 Shaping Skills
Do you want to teach your dog a fast, reliable running a-frame? This is the course for you!

Category: Motivation, Foundation, Obstacle Skills, Problem Solving
Level: Any
Class Length: 6 weeks
Start Date: October 22, 2012

Number of Working Spots: 12 (Tuition: $199)
Number of Auditing Spots: 50 (Tuition: $125)
Number of Observing Members: unlimited (Tuition: $100)

Course Description

Amazing A-Frames :: Sklenar

We will design a running a-frame training progression specific to the needs of your dog. We will begin with foundation exercises and progress all the way through training and proofing in order to give your dog a solid understanding for an amazing a-frame!

Course Structure, Requirements & Equipment

Categories: (choose from the following or one of your own): Motivation, Foundation, Obstacle Skills, Problem Solving

Level : Any

Course Length:

6 weeks (information/classroom available in read-only mode for working/auditing students for 4 months after completion of course)

Course Structure:

  • Progressive training assignments with the puppy to be videotaped for feedback.
  • Questions answered and feedback on each assignment from instructor in the class forum.
  • Discussion with other students (working and auditing) in the Class Forum as well as access to the general AU forums.
  • Access to Class Chat
  • Access to Faculty Office Hours

Equipment needed:

  • (working participants only): Regular access to an a-frame. General puppy equipment such as toys, treats, etc. Some additional props might be needed (such as jump bumps) but all are easily made or purchased if needed.
  • Space required (working participants only): Enough room for an a-frame with a jump before and after it.
    Office Hours: Yes (days/times TBA)

Course Participation & Tuition Levels

Type of participation:

  • Working (posts responses to written assignments, posts videos of sequences, gets instructor feedback to all of these as well as answers to any questions posted, can actively participate in forum, chat and office hours) Limit: 15
  • Auditing (can view and read all videos/assignments/posts from instructor and working students, will get instructor answers to course-specific questions posted, can actively participate in class forum, chat and office hours) Limit: 50
  • Observing (has read-only and view-only access to the class forum, chat and office hours, cannot post or ask questions). Limit: Unlimited


  • Working: $199 USD
  • Auditing: $125 USD
  • Observing: $100 USD